Ocean for Educators

This June, celebrate World Oceans Day by educating others about the importance of the ocean and providing them with ways to help with the solutions. Our world's shared ocean helps to provide food and oxygen, as well as takes up carbon dioxide emissions from our atmosphere. The ocean also offers many opportunities for recreation, from diving and sailing to surfing and nature exploration. Together we can work to improve the health of our ocean and the first step is spreading the word about the importance of the ocean and teaching others how to take action for ocean conservation in age-appropriate ways.

As an educator you are in a unique position to inspire the next generation of ocean advocates. Here are some tools to help you celebrate World Oceans Day in your classroom or education center.

  • The World Oceans Day Activity Booklet
    This free and downloadable World Oceans Day Activity Booklet contains a collection of activities, each including materials lists and learning objectives. Submitted by educators last year, it has great ideas for connecting your visitors and students to the ocean and conservation action.
  • Youth Guide to the Ocean

This downloadable resource was developed by YUNGA (the Youth & United Nations Global Alliance). It's a comprehensive and beautifully done resource that features sections on different ocean ecosystems as well as ideas for taking ocean action.

  • Ocean-Related Lesson Plans

Celebrate World Oceans Day in your classroom or education center with lessons about ocean conservation. Resources and lesson plans can be found at:

Sea Change: This great new EU-supported project has downloadable promotional materials about ocean literacy.  More materials and resources will be added as they become available

Digital Explorer: Oceans, developed by [de] Ocean Academy

The Bridge: Developed by the National Marine Educators Association, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Sea Grant

Ocean Portal: Developed by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

  • Event Ideas

Visit the new World Oceans Day event planning section and be sure to check out the School and Outreach page. Remember, everything on this site is (free and) meant for you and others to use.

Let us know how your school or education center is celebrating World Oceans Day by submitting it online where we will add to the worldwide map and share with the world!

Abby Tripler 03-May-2016