Protecting the Ocean with Your Faith-Based Organization

Looking for a way to connect your faith-based organization to your love for the environment? This post is for you! Faith-based organizations have been central actors in social justice movements throughout history. Organizing an event for World Oceans Day is a great way to bring your community’s passion to a critical issue of our time: environmental sustainability. This movement is about living more consciously to ensure that future generations can enjoy our planet’s natural resources and lead happy and healthy lives. World Oceans Day is a significant part of this push for sustainability because events organized by people of all ages and backgrounds help spread the word about the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives and the need to protect it.

Whether you live near or far from the shore, we all rely on the ocean and the life within it for food, oxygen production, climate regulation, and more.

The power of faith-based groups in environmentalism

Did you know that many of today’s most well-known environmental organizations have faith-based roots? The founders of Greenpeace were inspired by the Quaker tradition of “bearing witness,” while John Muir, a founder of the Sierra Club, developed a deeply spiritual relationship with nature influenced by evangelical Protestantism, Romanticism, and transcendentalism. Many other organizations in all parts of the world, representing a wide variety of faiths, are also doing commendable work on environmental activism and education.

Ethics-based environmentalism, which often focuses on personal modifications to create societal change, may resonate with faith-based groups for many reasons, including:

  • Promoting respect for other creatures on Earth
  • Helping both people and wildlife by maintaining clean air and water, sustainable food sources, productive soil, natural protection from flooding, and more
  • Leaving a positive impact on the Earth and inspiring others to do so as well

We wholeheartedly support this focus on the moral and ethical motivations for conservation and invite all faith-based groups to participate in events on World Oceans Day, June 8, using the ideas below or your own!

Event ideas

There are lots of event ideas out there, but here are just a few to get you started. See more here.

  • Clothing swap
  • Workshop on “green living” tips — like how to make green cleaning products
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Art and jewelry showcase/sale featuring pieces made of recycled materials
  • Book discussion
  • Start a long-term change — implement recycling and composting in your place of worship

Once you have your event planned, add it to the World Oceans Day Event Map!

Alexandra Thomsen 28-Apr-2016