Seas the Day in December: Give Back to the Ocean

The world's ocean is essential to our existence. It provides countless natural resources like salt, oil and metals. It supports fish and other types of seafood that we depend on for nutrition, and provides jobs from aquaculture to tourism.

This month let’s celebrate the oceans by giving back. Here’s a short list of  causes you can help support, with some ideas for fundraising which could help them have an even greater impact. Continue the love and raise some money for an ocean conservation effort for World Oceans Day!

Restore Reefs

Did you know that scientists are able to raise corals in a lab and then transplant them to the ocean? Coral transplantation and the creation of artificial reefs help to restore and repair coral reefs that have been damaged by boats, coral bleaching and white band disease. This establishes new communities for fishes and invertebrates that depend on corals for food and protection.

For World Oceans Day

  • Plan a run or even a swim for the ocean where participants ask friends and family to support them with a donation for reef restoration. For a great example check out Finathon® which raises money for shark protection.
  • Show a film that features coral reefs and donate the proceeds from ticket sales to coral reef restoration.
  • Raffle off a trip to a local aquarium to allow participants to see corals in person. Better yet, if you are near a reef, partner with a dive shop to raffle off a guided scuba dive!

Care for Ocean Creatures

When turtle eats a plastic bag, a seal gets entangled in fishing line, or a manatee is struck by a boat, we see the direct impact of our actions on marine animals. Luckily there are organizations that work to rehabilitate wild animals that have been affected by human actions. Veterinarians and other trained professionals nurse these animals back to health and work to release them back into the wild.

For World Oceans Day

  • Hold a bake sale. While this may seem like a simple idea, food is a great way to grab attention at your event. If you’re feeling extra creative make your baked goods ocean themed!
  • Use reused and recycled materials to create fun animal crafts then sell them at your World Oceans Day event. There is little upfront cost for materials and you will be improving the environment at the same time!

Engage Everyone

While the majority of people in the world live near a coast line, there are still millions who have never seen the ocean. It is important that everyone realizes their connection to the ocean directly through waterways and indirectly through economic choices. By raising money for ocean education centers and foundations you can spread the message on ocean importance far beyond your local community.

For World Oceans Day

  • Work with schools in your area to increase ocean literacy. Encourage teachers to highlight the ocean in their lesson plans and classrooms to partner with an ocean cause.
  • Organize an auction of ocean themed items then use the proceeds to support a foundation that supports ocean education.

Support Science

The more we know about the oceans, the better we will be able to protect them. Scientists at universities, government organizations and private labs study different aspects of the oceans from the effects of plastics pollution to ocean temperature trends. Funding scientific research projects will help provide the knowledge to preserve the ocean for future generations.  

For World Oceans Day

  • Host a lecture with a local scientist and offer the option for donations to their research institution. When people in your community learn about local scientists’ efforts to study oceans and other waterways, they will be more likely to contribute.
  • Team up with a university in your area and offer a “behind the scenes” tour of a lab that does ocean research. Depending on the current project being studied, even invite guests to be scientists for a day- learning about the important career of marine researchers.

How will you seas the day this month?

The Seas the Day initiative encourages and empowers people to take ocean conservation personally. Each month, we feature a new conservation theme with ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-helping ideas and tips!

Abby Tripler 10-Dec-2015