Seas the Day in February: Make Connections in your Community

Seas the Day in February by exploring the many ways your community is linked to the ocean. Connecting with your community, experiencing nature, and doing volunteer work to benefit the environment are all things that can make you happier and the planet healthier. Remember, even if you live inland, we are all connected to the ocean. All waterways flow to the ocean, so protecting your local river or watershed will help the ocean down the line! Below are some ways you can take action for ocean conservation in your community on World Oceans Day and everyday!

Participate in a Cleanup

There are lots of organizations out there, waiting for volunteers like you to join them in taking action! You can use this link to find environmental groups by U.S. state, this website to find a Wildlife Trust near you in the UK, this link to get involved in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (year round), or this page for environmental groups in Singapore (or try a quick Google search of ocean conservation organizations in your area). Chances are, they’ll have cleanup days scheduled or other ways for volunteers to get involved. Depending on the organization, you may even be able to schedule a volunteer event or workday for a whole group, like your company or your high school science class.

For World Oceans Day:

Organize an Ocean-Themed Event

Not all ocean-centered events are beach or coastal cleanups. Below are a few ideas of other types of events you can plan in your community for World Oceans Day (or any other day). See more ideas here.

For World Oceans Day:

Spread the Word

Social media is an important way that many of us stay connected with our friends, family, and communities. This February, use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your personal blog, or another social media outlet to let your connections know what you’re doing to promote ocean health. Who knows – you may inspire a friend to join a beach cleanup, DIY a reusable bag from a t-shirt, or cook with sustainable seafood too! Other important ways to spread the word include sending emails or letters to your local representatives about issues you want them to take action on (for example, city-wide plastic bag bans) and attending public meetings at your city or town hall.

For World Oceans Day:

  • Use the hashtags #HealthyOceansHealthyPlanet and #WorldOceansDay when you post on social media to share how you’re contributing to ocean health
  • Contact your local representatives about the issues you are passionate about
  • Like the World Oceans Day page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @CelebrateOceans

How will you seas the day this month?


Seas the Day! Please use this information as you wish to spread the ocean conservation message. Each month, we feature a new conservation theme with ways to help so come back regularly for more ocean-helping ideas and tips!

Alexandra Thomsen 16-Feb-2016