Setting Sail For Conservation

Trust us, we get it. The smell of the air, the ebb of the waves and the feel of the wind. Be you dilettante or professional, just starting or born into it, sailing can be a lifelong passion. But our oceans are in trouble, and they need us to speak for them. This year, join sailors around the world who are holding World Oceans Day events, working together to keep the ocean healthy for future generations. Not sure where to start? Activism is all about getting the word out. Host a regatta, a sailing festival, or even just a day out on the water with friends.

At your celebration, make sure to highlight ocean conservation and green sailing practices by holding a forum, staffing an outreach booth or two, or taking action yourself. Check out Sailors for the Sea's Green Boating Guide for a comprehensive resource about ocean-friendly sailing. If you are looking for more event ideas, take a look at our Event Organizing Section and create your own unique event! Look at some of our resources both here on the World Oceans Day Blog and on our main site to find interesting tips and info about ocean health to spread in your sailing community.

Most importantly, have fun! Celebrate with music, games, sustainably sourced seafood, and of course, sailing. For a great example of how to integrate sailing and celebration, check out the International Maritime Festival in Brest that celebrates classical sailing and the ocean. The festival is a haven for music lovers and photographers as well as classical sailors.

Finally, consider combining ideas like marina clean ups, green regattas, and beginning sailing classes to get everybody in your sailing community involved. Reach out to your fellow sailors of all experience levels, celebrate your shared passion for the ocean together while spreading the message of ocean-friendly sailing this upcoming World Oceans Day!

Cora Wiese Moore 19-Apr-2016