World Oceans Day Celebrations Growing Fast in Argentina!

In June 2016, World Oceans Day Celebrations grew in Argentina!

Last year was the first World Oceans Day celebration starting with schools talks, art and film exhibitions, the Better Bag Challenge and a Coastal Clean Up in Olives, a suburb in the North Shore of Buenos Aires. Then we launched  the Online Community and finally we screened  the 1st Ocean Film Exhibition in Buenos Aires last December,  for one evening in the York Theatre.

Thanks to these activities we have been able to build a network of contacts and partners in the community including scientific institutions and other ONG´s in Argentina and Latin America, like Asociacao Brasileira de Lixo Marinho, Fundación Manos Verdes, Asociación Civil ReCrear, Fundación AQUAMARINA, Fundacion Ambiente Vivo, ONG Sabe La Tierra, Cinema School El Mate, El Pedral/Yellow Submarine from Punta Ninfas, Chubut, and AQUATICA DIVING. These partners have been the heart and soul of Oceanic Week 2016.

This year we have grown in partners, the length of the celebration in days and also geographically!

We started the week with a Coastal Cleanup in Ensenada, a coastal suburb 50 km South of Buenos Aires, with the organization of Asociacion Civil ReCrear and around 200 students from district primary schools.

Then we hosted the Ambiente Vivo Festival in an incredible venue, the York Theatre of Olivos. The festival was a 4 day screening of award winning short films and world class animations for primary and secondary schools of Vicente Lopez county North Buenos Aires. There were also a talk on marine litter's impact on sea turtles in Argentina by Dr. Diego Alvareda, a specialist on sea turtles working at the Buenos Aires Zoo Aquarium.

Julitte Decre of E Pedral/Yellow Submarine from Patagonia, Argentina, talked about the impact of marine litter on the Punta Ninfas Penguin Colony in Chubut and the kids were fascinated by the amazing images of Patagonia's marine landscapes.

We closed the program that weekend with the film from New Zealand, Whale Rider, and another great lecture by Laura Carrizo from Aquatica Buceo about Project Aware's Shark Conservation Program.

We received incredible feedback from the local community, kids and teenagers. They asked and wanted to know more about these amazing ocean creatures and how we can protect them.

World Oceans Day 2016 was the corner stone for a lot of new activities we will be hosting during Argentina's upcoming spring and summer this year.

On Saturday 17 September 2016, a group of 54 volunteers (ages 10-50 years old) will participate in a beach cleanup in Punta Nymphs in the area of ​​the colony of Magellanic penguins. The event will be organized jointly by Yellow Submarine S.A., El Pedral - Hotel de Campo & Field Day and Penguins, and the International Coalition Global Penguin Society.

Photos: World Oceans Day Argentina

Adrian Feldman 14-Sep-2016