Youth Making Waves: Brandon Koots

Brandon Koots

Nature doesn't need us to survive, we as humans need it to survive. But with what we have done to nature, it now needs our help to make sure we both survive. Sadly, we are doing so much damage to our environment; air and water pollution, overfishing, poaching and so on, putting many species in danger of extinction.

My name is Brandon Koots and I'm a 19 year old Architecture student. I was born and raised on the small island of Curaçao and now live in Buenos Aires, Argentina for my studies. I've always had a love for nature, which is the main reason I'm interested in protecting our world. I've been part of the World Scout Movement since 2009, which has given me many opportunities to help make a change. I've also been a part of the wonderful organization, Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao. I helped clean up the beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs frequently and helped look for possible nesting sites.

The reason I decided to join the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council is because it's time to start making a drastic change in the way we treat our environment, especially our oceans. It's thanks to our oceans that we can be here now. The ocean is where all life began and is also where most of our oxygen comes from. Many of us think that a simple act done by a single individual won't be enough, but one simple act can create a whole wave of change. That one simple act can inspire others to start changing their daily habits. I believe that every little action makes a difference. So the most important thing we have to do right now is inspire our communities and ensure that their acts make a difference. We need to let them know that the only way to create the future we want, is to start working towards it. Involving, most importantly, our youth in this process. This is another reason why I love the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council initiative. It's us, as youth, working together with adults on improving our world.

I hope that everyone realizes the importance of youth’s role in the process of creating a better world. Youth aren't the problem, we are the solution. Let's all unite and be the change we want to see! 

Brandon Koots 08-Sep-2016