June 8th, 2018

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“Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC)

Sustainability for Ocean Protection

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India to form a club “Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club” (BMEPC) to commit to actions to “Protect the Ocean & Marine life” so it can continue to sustain us all into the future for developing strategies to act on long term solutions to the impact that Plastic, rubbish, and disposal of raw sewage has to be stopped and keep the beaches clean through continuous process, to educate the staffs on the dangers of Marine Pollution and Global Warming and climate change ,causing marked shifts in ocean environments and ecosystems.

The Aim of this club is to educate the citizen about the waste disposable should be carefully placed in the appropriate place so that it doesn’t end up fouling our oceans, rivers and lakes. We cannot take our marine environment for granted, nor treat it carelessly.

Hotels & Resorts situated on the Coastal belt of South India will form an agenda by partnering to reduce marine debris by constant routine beach & under water cleaning in association with agencies experts in underwater diving and Marine studies to have a close watch on keeping the Marine life safe from debris & pollution.

Planning to launch the Club on the 8th June 2017 on the World Oceans day.

There will be approximately 40 hotels coming in the belt but we will rope in backwater resorts also.

Being a hotelier in beach front of Kovalam, I felt like myself there are many fellow hoteliers who are there along the coastal belt. We all can start the mission and take up to entire Indian Coastal belt.

Looking forward for your support & co operation..

Thanks & regards

Raja Gopaal Iyer





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